Forehead is a part of the face.  A perfectly beautiful face displays a balanced facial profile with round forehead that enhances facial glow.  Each person has different shapes of forehead depending on hereditary, nationality, or gender.

Persons with flat, even, sunken or imbalanced foreheads may feel worried and unconfident, which can affect many aspects of life.  The most recent medical solution to this problem is Forehead Augmentation, using 2 types of silicone.


The first is 3D Customized Silicone Implant, which is the latest silicone sheet especially casted with CT scan technology that uses x-ray to get a highly 

accurate and precise figure to meet individual desires.

      The second type is Preformed Silicone, which is prefabricated silicone, designed for immediate use with various sizes of different width and length.  The implanted silicone will be permanent and will not change its form.  Consequently, the forehead becomes naturally rounder and bulging and the face becomes more dimensional and younger looking.            



    Forehead augmentation procedures

  • The anesthetist administers anesthetics to the patient.
  • The surgeon makes the smallest incision under the hairline to minimize the size of the wound.