How to order the Free Food Privilege?

1. View the food menu and select one meal item and beverage.
2. Enter the corresponding C code for each selected item to place your order free of charge.
During your stay at PSA, you can use this service to order breakfast. Orders must be placed one day in advance, and the order line closes at 1 pm.
Throughout your stay in the ward, nurses will handle the orders for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner one day in advance.

How to order meals/beverages by using a voucher?

1. View the food menu and select any meal item(s) and beverage(s) you like.
2. Enter the corresponding V code for the selected item(s) one by one.
3. You must specify the delivery date and time for every order. We accept Today and Future orders (up to 5 days in advance), and the order line for Today closes at 4 pm.
4. You can order for your companion if both of you plan to share the voucher.
5. Our cashier will summarize the total payment deducted from your voucher once a day.