Little thing called dimples

A small dimple VS A vertical line dimple

Enhance attractiveness to your face with dimple creation surgery

If you wanna be charming, cute look in &and mates your farce looked slimmer another surgery option that we recommend you is cheek dimple creation surgery: a small dimple and a vertical line dimple

A small dimple

– Suitable for people who want to have dimples that are small, fit and look natural.

– The placement for dimples is usually near the corners of the mouth, either above or below or same level.

will have dimples that come with a sweet, charming smile that looks natural.


A vertical line dimple

– Making dimples with a stroke will look like a long line. about half a centimeter long

– Lined dimples tend to have depth and stand out when smiling.


Steps to make dimples

Making dimples is an easy process. It doesn’t take long, about 30 minutes only, without having to recuperate. The medical specialist will mark the desired dimples on the patient’s cheeks. then injecting anesthetic and suture the subcutaneous layer in a small incision to connect the skin and the cheek muscles The final step is to close the wound with stitches. by making small knots to make dimples and look natural. During the first month, dimples will be seen all the time while smiling or not smiling. After 1 month, you will see when smiling.


 Post- operative care

Surgical wounds inside the mouth will take 1-2 weeks to heal.

  1. Always rinse your mouth with the liquid provided.
  2. Avoid impacting the surgery site during post-operation care.
  3. Eat a soft or liquid diet for 2-3 days.
  4. Apply medication cream as prescribed by the surgeon.