Before and After Photos – Female to Male breast surgery by Dr. Chettawut

Result of FTM breast Surgery by Double Incision Mastectomy.

31 years old patient from USA


After 4 months

Description of the surgical procedures:


Double incision mastectomy with free nipple graft is the technique to remove the total breast tissue and the sagging skin through double horizontal incision.


The nipple areolar complex was designed to be smaller and converted to be the free nipple graft attached into the new position as in a biological male breast.


This technique is suitable for those who have excess skin with moderate to severe breast sagging.

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Example Pictures of FTM Breast & Male Breast (Gynecomastia) & Female breast (Breast lift)

Example 1

Female to Male breast surgery (Subcutaneous Mastectomy)

Example 2

Female to Male breast surgery (Double Incision Mastectomy)

Example 3

Male breast reduction surgery (Gynecomastic correction)

Example 4

Female breast contouring (Breast lift or Breast reduction surgery)