FFS Gallery B – Before and After Surgery Case 1


After 2 years

List of Facial feminization surgical procedures:

1. Feminizing Rhinoplasty

2. Forehead and Brow ridge bone Contouring surgery + Brow lift surgery + Scalp advancement surgery

3. Upper eyelid surgery

4. Trachea shave surgery (Adam’s apple reduction)

After 3 years

Details of feminization surgery performed by Dr. Chettawut for this patient:


A: Feminizing rhinoplasty was done by open technique for precisely reshaping the bone and cartilage. The nasal osteotomy was done to completely remove the nasal hump and narrow the base of nasal bone pyramid. The smaller and naturally upturned nose tip was achieved by tip-plasty and alarplasty.


B: Feminizing forehead surgery


1. Forehead / Brow ridge bone contouring was done by Dr.Chettawut’s C3 method

2. Forehead / Brow lift was done by standard open technique via coronal incision at the hairline

3. Hairline lowering was done by advancing the frontal scalp to the new desired anterior hairline


C: Upper eyelid surgery

The eyebrow lift was done by standard upper blepharoplasty for removal of drooped eyelid skin


D: Adam apple reduction surgery was done via mini-incision above the thyroid cartilage. The prominence of Adam apple is completely shaped for the best possible feminine neck contour

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More Example Pictures Result of Facial Feminization Surgery by Dr.Chettawut

Case 1

Forehead contouring + Brow lift + Rhinoplasty + Trachea shave

Case 2

Forehead contouring + Brow lift + Trachea shave + Chin contouring surgery

Case 3

Cheek implant + Forehead contouring + Brow lift + Scalp advancement + Eyelid + Rhinoplasty + Lip lfigint + Jaw & Chin contouring + Trachea shave

Case 4

Forehead contouring surgery + Eyebrow lift +Scalp advancement surgery + Lip augmentation + Feminizing Rhinoplasty + Alarplasty + Jaw & Chin contouring +Face and neck lift surgery + Trachea shave surgery