Sex reassignment surgery example result by Dr.Chettawut – Case 1

23 years old SRS patient from Poland

Procedure Description of Sex reassignment surgery case 1:


This case shows a typical result of Dr. Chettawut’s non penile inversion technique for those who have average penile length (without a circumcision).


The labia minora was constructed using the whole penile and prepuce skin to form the lip-like fold starting from the clitoral frenulum down to the sides of the vaginal opening.


In the second picture where the labias were spread apart, the vaginal opening (made using the non-penile inversion technique) is vertically elongated or has an oval shape as it normally appears in a biological woman (not too wide or big like a hole).


The urethral opening appears anatomically correct in location and size.


The labia majora looks proportionate and beautiful without any noticeable scarring. The shape, size and proportion of the labia majora matched the patient’s body.


Overall, this 2-month post-op photos depicts a positive result with normal to rapid external genital healing. The patient reported no difficulty in doing her vaginal dilation routine and maintained her 6.5 inches vaginal depth.