SRS testimonial by Ms. Amanda from South Africa

SRS testimonial from South Africa

A year before going in for my operation I contacted Dr. Chettawut and built up a warm and friendly relationship, e-mailing Dr. Chettawut. When I arrived at his surgical center, I was welcomed warmly and felt immediately at peace, knowing that I was in the right hands.

His examination and talk were so professional that I knew my decision was the best I had ever made.

I remember the evening before my operation, I was so happy and calm and went to sleep very easily.

I have never felt so Much at Peace, as I do now.

The reason for this, is that I was psychologically so ready for my life transformation which I wanted so Much – My Mind, My Soul and my Body was ready.

On awakening, my first words I said was – “I am Free”

A few days after, Dr. Chettawut came to take the bandages off, examined me, and said, You are perfect.

This could not have happened on a more special day, as it was my Mother’s Birthday – I will never forget that; my eyes sparkled like diamonds in the sky, this was all I ever wanted and my dream come true.

Thank you so Much Dr. Chettawut and your Team, I have always said my place of Birth is in “Thailand”.

With confidence I went forward and I started my own business and have been now been happily.

Lots of Love

Amanda Lee from South Africa