SRS Testimonial by Ms. Susan from USA

SRS Testimonial From USA 02

I was 67 years old at the time of surgery. I am a retired electrical engineer. Healing has been rapid and uneventful.

I am monitored by both a urological surgeon and a Ob-Gyn.

Both MD’s are very complementary of Dr. Chets work. Both have cited no internal or external scar tissue and the exceptional appearance of the labia.


I am both sensate and orgasmic.

You need to remember that there are actually 3 surgeries involved in SRS:

(1) Orchiectomy, (2) Vaginoplasty and (3) Labiaplasty.


Almost any surgeon can do a good orchiectomy and a good vaginoplasty.

Where Dr. Chet excels is in the Labiaplasty where he is one of the best, if not the best.

I attended a transgender health conference held at and sponsored by my county hospital (Broward Health Medical Center) a little over a year ago.

One of the principal speakers complained at great length about the Thai surgeons (Dr. Chet) who refuse to share his superior Labiaplasty technique.

Most surgeons perform the SRS procedure in 2 parts (primary vaginoplasty and then inner labia construction as the second stage surgery later).

Dr. Chet performs the entire surgery in one procedure and clearly Dr. Chet’s Labiaplasty is superior in every way…appearance and sensation.

Due to excessive cost, most surgeries in the US & Canada are performed as outpatient procedures. This means you spend your recovery in a hotel.

In Thailand the entire procedure is performed as an in-patient. He is exceptionally ultra-conservative about every aspect.

From 4 months prior to my surgery he and my stateside urological surgeon exchanged communication, while Dr. Chet educated my urological surgeon about the procedure so that the local surgeon would be able to adequately care for me upon my return from Bangkok.

After the surgery you will stay at the Dusit Princess Srinakarin Hotel…in a suite at the reduced rate of approximately the equivalent of US$50/night…in a suite, no less, with an unbelievable daily brunch included.

Typically you will have the company of 3 other patients in nearby rooms and a daily meeting in the Dusit dining room every morning.

One of the OR RN’s (not a LPN) will visit and closely supervise you daily as needed.

Based on their daily exams you will be returned to the clinic for follow-up exams as needed.