Visa Extension Service:

Our Visa Extension Service fee is 8,000 THB, allowing you to extend your visa without visiting the immigration office.
Step 1: Booking the service
– Requesting the service fee by typing the Service Code: Visa
– Confirming your name, room number, and Visa expiration date
– The payment can be made by credit card or voucher
Step 2:
– The visa extension process is initiated and completed within 7 days (excluding weekends) before your current visa expires.
– Completion of necessary immigration forms provided by our staff.
– Verification of your admission at WIH with a room photograph and a face photo for the visa application form/s.
Step 3:
– The assigned WIH staff will take all necessary forms, photos, and your passport to the immigration office.
– Your passport with the visa extension stamp will be given back to you.
Important Note:
Please confirm the service at least 10 days before your visa expiration.
Failure to extend before your visa expires will result in a 500 THB per day overstay fee.
The duration of the extension is typically at least 7 days, however, the exact duration is subject to the discretion of the immigration officer.