What patients say about Dr.Chettawut

SRS and FFS Testimonial by Ms. Esther from Netherland

It is almost one year ago, since I had my surgery, done by your skilful hands.

You performed SRS and FFS done by you.

Ever since my life has changed, I am a very happy woman now and your wonderful skills have enabled me to live my life as I always wanted to.

I was exciting and felt like an amazing adventure.



We had never met and all I had was your great reputation.

Before I came to Bangkok, the cooperation between you and my Dutch medical adviser was excellent and very comforting for me as your future patient.

From the moment I arrived on Bangkok International airport, till the moment I left, I felt very secure and comforted, because of the way, you and your team, accompanied me through the whole procedure.

All surgeries went perfect and your care before and after surgery was heart-warming, thank you for that.

My stay in the Dusit princess Hotel was excellent and the daily visits of your staff were also warm, tender and very skilful.

Please say Hi to them for me and tell them they did a wonderful job. In a strange way, I miss you all.

It was a remarkable trip in every sense of the word. When I got back to The Netherlands, my recovery went very well, and I had no complications at all.

My check-ups by my Dutch medical doctor were also excellent and according to my doctor in Holland, I need no after-care at all.

I am healthy woman now. I fully function in every sense of the word. Socially, sexually and spiritually I am able now to live my life as I always dream off.

I still remember the moment we said goodbye and hugged, just before leaving to Europe.

Dr. Chettawut, I virtually hug you again, and thank you for changing my life, and making me a truly happy woman, I will never forget you as long as I live.

Thanks again, I love you all.


Hugs, Esther

The Netherlands