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Zero Depth Vaginoplasty

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Zero Depth Vaginoplasty

Information on Zero-depth vaginoplasty

Zero-depth vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure for transgender individuals that differs from traditional vaginoplasty. It is an option for individuals who do not wish to undergo the creation of a vaginal canal for any penetration but are interested in the design of external genitalia and the ability to reach an orgasm or climax.
Zero-depth vaginoplasty or gender affirming surgery without a vagina is chosen by some transgender individuals with concerns about potential complications associated with vaginal canal creation or their liability to maintain vaginal depth by vaginal dilation routine.
For gender affirming surgery, regardless of vaginoplasty or non-vaginoplasty, the design of external genitalia typically uses Dr. Chettawut’s non-penile inversion as his technique produces the best aesthetic appearance of the vulva, commonly the priority of patients’ desire.
The critical parts of the vulva are the inner and outer labia, clitoris, urethral and vaginal opening described in the page of Dr. Chettawut’s Non-Penile Inversion Technique.

The advantages of Zero-depth vaginoplasty:
Zero-depth vaginoplasty is a less complex surgical procedure than the other types of vaginoplasty, which involves creating a neovaginal canal. This can lead to a shorter operation time, potentially reduced risks associated with vaginal canal dissection, avoidance of Vaginal Dilation, and Quicker Recovery.

Can the patients get vaginoplasty later after Gender affirming surgery without a vagina?
Adding a neovaginal canal to existing external genitalia can be more complex than performing vaginoplasty as an initial surgery. The surgeon must plan the procedure to achieve the desired outcome carefully. The source of tissue lining for neo-vagina may come from the abdominal skin graft or, colonic flap (secondary colon vaginoplasty) or peritoneal flap (secondary PPV vaginoplasty).

Comparison with variety of Vaginoplasty for Male to Female gender affirming surgery

Synonym of Zero Depth Vaginoplasty
Limited Depth Vaginoplasty, Cosmetic gender affirming surgery, Gender affirming surgery without a vagina, Cosmetic sex reassignment surgery, non-vaginoplasty, vulvoplasty

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