Rehabilitation (Floor 6)

WIH Rehabilitation Center provides various services to treat and rehabilitate the physical conditions of both inpatients and outpatients with our team of medical rehabilitation physicians and physical therapists including:

Treatment for patients with orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions for the relief of discomfort caused by inflammation of muscles and joints. Common conditions include neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, knee osteoarthritis, joint stiffness, and bone or joint fractures.

Pre-operative and post-operative care for patients undergoing surgery to aid in physical recovery. This includes respiratory system care as well as mobilization to prevent post-operative complications and facilitate early ambulation.

Treatment for patients suffering from sports injuries

Treatment for patients with Office Syndrome, and other types of muscle pain using Western-style dry needling by our medical rehabilitation team.

Post-operative joint replacement rehabilitation programs, such as knee or hip replacement for both during the hospital stay and the subsequent recovery period.

Post-operative breast massage for breast augmentation.

At WIH Rehabilitation Center, we employ various physical therapy techniques and tools, including:

Manual Therapy : Hands-on treatment involving bone and joint manipulation based on anatomical principles

Ultrasound Therapy : Treatment using ultrasound waves

Electrical Stimulation : Electric stimulation using various frequencies

Laser Therapy : High-intensity laser therapy

Traction Machine : Cervical and lumbar traction machines

Hydroculator : Hot water heating pads for warmth and improved blood circulation.

Individual Exercise Programs : Personalized exercise programs.

WIH Department & Facilities
WIH Hospital Bangkok Thailand
WIH Hospital Bangkok Thailand
WIH Hospital Bangkok Thailand
WIH Hospital Bangkok Thailand
WIH Hospital Bangkok Thailand
WIH Hospital Bangkok Thailand

The medical services located on each floor are as follows:

● Imaging Department (Floor 1)

● Emergency Department (Floor 1)

● Customer Service & Registration (Floor 2)

● Insurance & Cashier (Floor 2)

● OPD Department (Floor 2)

● OR Department (Floor 3)

● Laboratory (Floor 4)

● Pharmacy & Medical stock (Floor 4)

● Wellness Center (Floor 5)

● Dental Department (Floor 6)

● Rehabilitation (Floor 6)

● ICU Department (Floor 6)

● IPD Department (Ward – Floor 7 & 8)