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WIH Financial Policy

We are honored that you chose WIH International Hospital for your surgery or procedure, and we intend to make your experience with us a satisfying one.

Our pricing and financial policy is transparent, and understanding our approach is essential to maintaining our professional relationship. We, therefore, do our best to keep you informed of your financial obligations when you schedule your procedure with us.

Deposit Date: The date WIH receives the patient’s 20% deposit. The 20% deposit is calculated from the patient’s total surgery fee.

Surgery Date: The date agreed upon between the patient and WIH International Hospital as the operation date. The surgery date is set no more than one year ahead of the current date.

WIH International Hospital can change the scheduled surgery date or time. Any schedule adjustments will always be communicated to the patient in advance. These modifications will not affect the procedure(s), travel itinerary, or recovery process.

Current Price: The most recently announced price. Every October, the price of each procedure is reviewed and may be changed to reflect the rising cost of business. The new price will be informed to the patients affected by this change.

Deposit Policy:

20% of the total surgery fee is required to reserve the surgery date.

The deposit is based on the procedure price list on the date of booking the surgery date.

If you pay in a currency other than Thai Baht, the deposit amount will be based on the exact amount received in Thai Baht after bank fees are deducted.

If the deposit date and surgery date are both in the same year, the price adjustment for the next year will not affect the outstanding amount.

If the deposit date and surgery date are in different years, the price change may affect the remaining balance. You will be notified of the price change via email at least two (2) months before the end of the current year. The remaining balance must be paid within the current year so that the surgery fee(s) will not be updated using the new price(s) for the next year.

If you add new surgical procedures to your list, an additional payment must be made to complete the new 20% deposit calculated from the updated surgical procedures.

If you change the procedure or list of operations, the total amount paid will be applied to the new procedure or list of operations. Any overpaid amount will be refunded to you after the surgery if there are no additional fees at departure from Thailand.

Once you have scheduled your surgery with our surgeon and the operating room has been reserved for you at a specified time, it is no longer available to other patients. As a result, you accept that the 20% deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation, regardless of when the cancellation was confirmed.

The remaining balance must be paid in full at least three days before the surgery.

The surgery fee does not include the cost of any treatment or surgical procedures needed to manage a complication caused by surgery or an underlying ailment (known or unknown). There will be a cost associated with any further medical care or treatments required to treat such complications. 

Surgical corrections after the surgery are sometimes necessary. If a revision procedure is required, the surgeon’s fee, the expense of the operating room, materials, and anesthesia will vary based on the circumstances.

Rescheduling Policy:

You can reschedule the surgery date twice without penalty between the Deposit Date and the Surgery Date.

If you reschedule the surgery date for the third time, a 10% penalty fee will be applied. The 10% will be calculated from the total surgery fee when you reschedule.

The new surgery date must be within one (1) year from the original surgery date.

Within 30 days of receiving the rescheduling notice, you must confirm and agree to a new surgery date. Otherwise, the surgery will be canceled, and the 20% deposit will be forfeited.

Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel the surgery any time before the scheduled surgery date, the 20% deposit will be forfeited. We must receive a notification from you via e-mail regarding your cancellation.

Your surgery will be deemed canceled if you are unable to contact us to cancel and you fail to show up for the planned procedure. You also lose your right to transfer the deposit to another patient.

The forfeited 20% deposit will be calculated from the final total surgery fee at the time of cancellation.

If you paid more than 20% of the surgery fee, the excess amount after the 20% forfeit will be refunded to you by cash in Thai Baht only or via wire transfer.

If you book a new procedure in the future, the forfeited sum cannot be used.

Transfer of Ownership of the Deposit:

WIH allows the transfer of the deposit to another patient, provided both patients sign a Transfer Agreement Form.

A Transfer Agreement is a contract between the parties involved that outlines the terms and conditions for the transfer of ownership of goods or services.

The original owner of the deposit should find a patient to whom the rights to the deposit will be transferred within 60 days from the date of cancellation. The rights to the deposit cannot be transferred after this period.

The Transfer Agreement must also be signed by all parties within 60 days from the date of cancellation.

Once the Transfer Agreement is signed by all parties involved, both patients should arrange and discuss among themselves how the new owner of the deposit will pay the original owner of the deposit.

The deposit can be transferred only once. The new owner cannot transfer the rights to another patient.

The total surgery fee of the procedure(s) booked by the new patient must be the same or more than the cost of the total surgery fee of the original owner of the deposit.

If the original owner’s deposit is less than the required deposit for the new owner’s total surgery fee, the new owner of the deposit must complete the required 20% deposit to reserve the surgery date.

If the original owner paid more than 20% of the total surgery fee, he or she can decide if the total amount paid will be transferred to the new owner or if he or she will have the excess amount refunded.

Refund Policy:

Deposits or payments made by cash, debit card, credit card, wire transfer, Alipay, or WeChat will be reimbursed in cash (Thai Baht only) or via wire transfer

For wire transfer:

The recipient’s bank account must be in the name of the patient who scheduled the surgery and paid the deposit.

All the bank charges will be deducted from the refund amount.

The wire transfer refund is subject to bank service charges, exchange rates, and the difference between the buying and selling rates of the currency at the bank.

The refund process may take up to 15 business days.